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About Us

Alma mater of myriads of illustrious alumni/ alumnae , this most prestigious college of Unnao was founded by one of its worthiest sons the great freedom fighter and important social worker Pt.Vishwambhar Dayalu Tripathi in 1946, who, out of his great regard for neta gi Subash Chandra Bose, named it subhash National College . Initially it was an Intermediate College . U.G. Course were introduced in 1949 and PG classes were started in two subject in 1951 .The Same year L.P.(licentiate in teaching ) training classes were also started . However , the progress of college grahered momentum in 1958 when it came under the generous and able patronage of t the phenomenal personage of Uttar Pradesh Educational world late Dr. Verendra Swarup Ji (MLC) wherefrom it has constantly been devoted to cause of higher education. It was Dr. Verendra Swarup who renamed it Dayanand Subhash National College . In 1958 itself , faculty of commerce was started . By 1964, the collehe started classes at P.G. l evel in six subjects in 1966 B.Sc. classes started and 1980 PG. classes in Sanskrit started .

In its 66 years’ eventful journey, the college has been importing education in the faculties of Art ,Science ,Commerce and teachers’ training .It is due to the concerted efforts of the board of management that the college has been able to start classes at PG level in Chemistry, Botany, Geography and Education and provide job oriented course at U.G. level , viz… B.Lib. and B.Sc. with Computer Science and Microbiology.

The forms Secretary , Board of Management , Late Jagendra swarup Ji and alumnus of prestigious St. stephen’s College , Delhi and recipient of Citezen Award 1987 left no stone unturned for the promotion of education not only in the of Uttar Pradesh but also Uttarakhand like Victor Jugo, he believed that “ he who opens a school door , closes a prison.” In his glorious life time he was an able administrator , a witty lawyer ,and ideal member legislative council and, above all a gem of the person who was dedicated to the service of man-kind.

The Secretary , Board of Management , Sri Manvendra Swarup Ji follows in his father’s foot steps .He is determine d to carry the baton handed over to him It is the result of his tireless effects that the college has come to acquire infrastructural development . The college precints spacious class-rooms , laboratories, a well stacked library , reading rooms , a conference hall and play ground .The administrative block and library are fully comprised. The campus atmosphere is conducive to the holistic development of the student s coming varied backgrounds. The academic atmosphere of the college provide s students and teachers with opportunity to engage themselves in self study, research work and in honing their teaching skills.